Developer’s License No.: 6467-14/09-2016/02395(L) • Validity Date: 28/09/2015–27/09/2016 • Advertising & Sales Permit No.: 6467-14/09-2016/02395(P) • Validity Period: 28/09/2015–27/09/2016 • Approving Authority: Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya • Building Plan Reference No.: MBPJ/120100/T/P10/689/2014 • Land Tenure: 99 years (Expiry 24/04/2106) • Total No. of Units: 406 units • Type of Property: Serviced Apartment • Built-up Areas: 600sf–1,404sf • Selling Price: RM709,000 (Min) – RM2,034,500 (Max) • Expected Completion Date: Dec 2018 • Land Encumbrances: Nil • 7% Bumiputera Discount • Restriction in Interest: This alienated land cannot be transferred, leased or charged except with the consent of the State Authority.

All information contained herein (including specifications, plan measurements and illustrations) are subject to amendments, variations and modifications without notification as may be required by the relevant authorities or developer’s consultants and is not intended to form and cannot form part of an offer and contract. Whilst every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this information, the developer cannot be held liable for any variation or inaccuracy.